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Jesse Allain has a B.A. in Music Performance, graduating Summa Cum Laude on classical guitar at Franklin Piearce;  an A.S. in Broadcasting and Telecommunications from MWCC, and a Master of Music Education from Boston University.  Since an early age, Jesse exposed to creativity from his home.  His mentor was his grandfather, a Canadian country and western signer who performed music from the 1940s to the 1970s.  He inspired Jesse to form a rock band, the "Karmbaretts" in 1999 with his cousins, Alex and Evan Flinkstrom.  

Through disciplined practices, Jesse found his creative outlet, writing over 200 songs with the group. They performed at the Locobazooka rock concert festival for two years. Then, in 2007, the band retired.  With many endevours, Jesse went on to pursue recording arts at MWCC, where he formed the JAM'T band, and recorded from 2007 to 2010.

Jesse currently composes and performs classical guitar. His mentors are Scott Sanchez, Michael Rice, David Brandes, Paul Scharfenberger, Dr. Louis Bunk, and Frank Wallace. Besides teaching guitar and music theory, he owns and operates a professional digital recording studio under his name. Jesse also teaches Audio production at MWCC, and performs with the Jazz trio, The Trading Threes in his spare time.


Lucas George Bickford discovered his talent on guitar when he was playing with his middle school buddies.  Since then, Lucas has devoted his life to create and to record music.

Lucas studied at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Hartford, CT for classical and jazz technique on guitar, music theory and ear training.  He then pursued other instruments such as fretted and fretless electric bass, concert and tenor ukulele, mandolin, sitar and drumset at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  In 2012 Lucas graduated with Cum Laude on Music Production and Engineering at Berklee.



Sherry Ann Curry was trained classically at an early age, but she has taken her voice onto musical, country, rock and pop, opera and Jazz stages.  Sherry Ann has performed along side of Jonny Cash, June Carter Cash, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Reba Macintyre and many more.  For 34 years Sherry Ann travelled and had a successful singing career in North America, specifically at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville, and the Palomino in Los Angeles, CA. 

Sherry Ann has taught voice lessons enthusiastically for over 15 years. Her students can learn the following: performance enhancement, microphone technique, range expansion, and harmony etc.  Sherry Ann’s students have often shown great progression, and success.  She believes self expression through singing can help with relaxation and reduces stress. 



Kitty Cheung-Evans has a B.A. in Music Performance on Piano from the University of Lethbridge, AB., and a M.M. on Piano Performance from Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA.  Kitty has given solo recitals in Canada and the U.S.  Her most recent engagement was her public performance at Franklin in March 2014.  Kitty's solos are unique, because she can connect her solo repertoire with literature/film, history, social aspects, etc.   Kitty is an active musician and her discoveries on extended piano techniques and improvisations has given her many opportunities to perform at the LongyLab.  She enjoys putting on a solo piano program for small audiences.   

Kitty has over 8 years of teaching experience and has taught many different age groups and skill levels.  Some of her serious students went on to win various competitions. 

Jodi Lynn is a vocalist and actress from New York.  She's made appearances on film, television, and as a spokesmodel.  Jodi Lynn’s voice career has landed her in more than 40 musicals and she has toured with the Broadway National Company.  Her roles included, Aunt March in “The Little Women,” Christine in “The Phantom of the Opera,” Nellie in “South Pacific,” Dolly in “Hello Dolly,” Dorothy Brock in “42nd Street,” Julie in “Carousel,” and Marian in “Music Man.” etc.  Jodi Lynn also had the pleasure to perform with Olympic Gold Medalist Oksana Baiul in the World Premier Ice skating Musical “Cold as Ice” and “Man of La Mancha” with Sheena Easton. 

With 25 years of teaching experience on voice, acting and piano, Jodi Lynn specializes on the specific needs of students from posture, breathing, pitch matching, vocal production, range, and vocal exercises.  She will provide suitable music for individual students.  

With an extensive performance background, Jodi Lynn can prepare her students for auditions, head-shots, resumes, and other materials.  Jodi Lynn graduated magna cum laude from Boston University.



Brandon J. Durham has a Bachleor of Music from the Fitchburg State College, MA in 1994, since then, he has begun his teaching career at the Gordon LaSalle School of Music, Applewild School, and communities around Towsend, MA.

Brandon has a wide-range of teaching experiences from group lessons to individual lessons on both guitar and bass.  He Specializes in Jazz, Blues, and Rock, and acoustic, and advanced technique for solo guitar, pick and finger style.  Students will expect to learn sight reading, rhythm notations, song transcriptions, harmonization, and concepts in song-writing/performance. 

“I understand that not all students are the same. It’s always my responsibility as a teacher, to get to know each student as an individual, so we can work together as a partnership. Once we open the doors of communication, I am able to tap into the specific goals of the student, as well as explain the concepts of the musical study and practice exercises.” Thus the delicate balance of the teacher-student relationship is essential.   

Brandon maintain a healthy balance between teaching, and perfomring.  He played with the rock-fusion band, called "Paradox Lost, " "The Curits Knight Band," "Spunky Monkey," and "Alliance" in New England.