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Audio: Sound Reinforcement

Instructor: Jesse Allain

Date:  Ongoing Registration
Tuition: $350 includes textbook

Sound and Signal Flow is a 6 week course, meeting once per week with an instructor. This course begins with the fundamentals of acoustics and sound.  Students will learn about how sound travels uniquley in the enviornment which it is produced and how to reinforce the sounds with basic sound systems. Students will experiment using the techniques taught in class with professional microphones, mixers and amplifiers, as well as "how to" assemble and operate a sound system for live performances. This course is ideal for musicians, and for those who are interested in sound engineering. Topics will included the following:  Propagation, Amplitude, Frequency, Visualizing Sound, Connections Overview, Microphone as a Transducer, Microphone Types, Microphone Frequency Response, Microphone Polar Patterns, Microphone Placement, Line Level and Gain Staging, Cables,  Microphone Connection and Gain, Feedback, Speakers, Monitors, Signal Processing, Basic Mixers, and Basic Amplifiers.






Duets is a great way to learn an instrument with your best friend, or with your child.  Why learn a new instrument alone when you can have fun, and motivate each other?   Duet students will gain an insight on how musicians can communicate without speaking. Students will enhance their aural skills from listening while enhancing the students rhythmic and melodic patterns.   Most of all, duet students will have less performance anxiety when they are playing in public.  We offer duet classes with the same instrument, or a solo instrument with piano collaboration.

4 Weeks $100, 12 Weeks $250.


Instructor: Kitty Cheung-Evans

Phone: 978 - 537 - 1200

E-mail: lasalle.school.leominster@gmail.com





Rock Camp (coming soon!)

Rock camp is our most popular class! Who wouldn't want to rock out with new friends?  This course is perfect for anyone who has dreamed of being a rock star, or wanted to play in a band!  Come individually or as a group! You'll learn some new skills and make life long friends.


Musical Theater 101

Musical Theater 101 is coming to Gordon LaSalle!  If you find yourself accepting your award in front of the mirror, or love singing where ever you go, this course is for you!  This course will provide all students an equal opportunity to be on stage working with their peers while learning about music and acting.  An open audition will be held for all productions in the near future. Stay tuned for more information.